Letter: Focus on benefits of coal exports

The Sierra Club and other special interest groups give coal trains a bad rap because they lack knowledge of the facts. I have read that three to four trains a day have passed through Clark County for decades. Before the current anti-coal campaign, there was never a complaint about coal dust to my recollection. We are told that coal trains also have traveled through the Puget Sound region for decades…

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New ports important for Montana agriculture

Montana exports had a record year in 2012 – led by grain, Montana exported more than $2.48 billion in high-value grain last year. We’re producing products and commodities that the world wants, and all our communities benefit from the resulting jobs, economic growth and tax revenue.

But to continue to thrive in the highly competitive global marketplace, Montana’s agriculture producers need to be able to access the emerging markets where new demand is expanding. We produce some of the most outstanding agricultural products in the world, but if we can’t get those products to the markets that want them, someone else will fill that demand.

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Farm Bureau asks Inslee for caution on coal regulations

The Franklin County Farm Bureau has joined other Tri-City business leaders in asking Gov. Jay Inslee to be careful what he asks for in regulating coal exports.

The governor has asked the White House Council on Environmental Quality that greenhouse gas emissions be considered when evaluating export proposals and facilities.

Tri-City Herald, April 29, 2013

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Millennium announces deal to use local construction labor if coal dock approved

Millennium Bulk Terminals officials on Wednesday announced an agreement to hire local union workers to build a proposed $643 million coal export dock west of Longview, solidifying the support of a major ally for its upcoming political battle with environmentalists.

The Daily News, Erik Olson, April 11, 2013

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Pacific export terminals: The raging war on coal

Exports from the Pacific Northwest are an ongoing battleground in the environmental war on coal. Last week, the Sierra Club and three other groups announced that they would file suit against Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway and six coal companies over shipments of coal in open-topped train cars. The announcement is an escalation in the three-year battle to stop new export terminals proposed for ports in Washington and Oregon. Underlying all the rhetoric is a concern that mankind is causing dangerous global warming.

Washington Times, Steve Goreham, April 10, 2013

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Terminal’s family-wage jobs, taxes would aid Whatcom County

We take great pride in our communities. As local elected officials in Whatcom County, we have found that whether Republican or Democrat, progressive or conservative, debate in our area has traditionally been respectful. In that spirit, we want to share our personal thoughts with you on an issue.

Bellingham Herald, Brent Goodrich and Bonnie Onyon, April 13, 2013

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Coal Exports Save Lives Here and Abroad

LINCOLN, Calif., April 4 (UPI) — The governors of Oregon and Washington have asked for unprecedented “life-cycle impact” analysis of five planned export terminals and the cargo being transported through them before the Army Corps of Engineers issue permits.

In particular, the governors have asked that the emissions effects of burning coal outside the United States be evaluated for global climate change impacts. The expanded terminals would export others goods, such as grain to food-starved regions.

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NFIB: Governor’s Coal Export Views are Misguided

The National Federation of Independent Business has blasted high-ranking Northwest officials’ coal export stances.

NFIB leaders from Oregon and Washington this said Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee were wrong to include greenhouse gas emissions of U.S. coal supplies in the review of leases and export facilities.

Kitzhaber and Inslee last week asked the White House Council on Environmental Quality to consider whether U.S. coal supplies yield greenhouse gas emissions when evaluating the environmental impacts of coal exports.

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Politicizing Coal Export Opportunities Misses the Mark

We’ve heard a lot of discussion about the costs and benefits of new coal export facilities in the Northwest, and there’ll be a lot more talk to come. That’s as it should be in Washington, where we are as passionate about the environment and quality of life as we are about a vibrant economy. But two factors have been largely absent from the discussions: First, the potential consequences of changing the existing rules for economic investment in the Northwest need careful review. Opponents of export facilities are advocating unprecedented changes in the environmental review process.

For starters, they want several unrelated projects to be reviewed as one.

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Threat of Frivolous Lawsuit Only Hurts Our Competitiveness

Today in Seattle the Sierra Club and several other environmental groups announced they intend to file a lawsuit against BNSF Railway and several coal companies over the unprecedented claim that they spill coal into Washington state waterways as a violation of federal law. The continued transportation of our nation’s energy resources is vital to the competitiveness of manufacturers and supports jobs. Lawsuits like this continue to jeopardize our nation’s competitiveness and drives up the cost of manufacturing in the United States.

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